Become a Partner

Why Partner with SmartRoom?

Do you work with organizations in providing advisory, technology or other services?

Would you like to provide your client base with an ultra-secure file sharing platform for business critical information exchange, beyond the firewall?

Need: The corporate market has multiple use cases which require a document sharing platform and exchange.

Problem: There is currently a distinct difference between ‘file sharing’ and ‘ virtual data rooms’.

Solution: SmartRoom provides the ease of use of a file sharing application with the high level of security and service often found with the virtual data room.

  • SmartRoom already has the leading-edge technology platform
  • SmartRoom already has an unparalleled consultative services team
  • SmartRoom already has the global operations network

We understand that your business needs, and those of your client base, are unique, which is why we have created a partner network for you to engage with us in the way that best suits your business.

Dedicated Partner

SmartRoom fosters collaboration for businesses in the most security-sensitive, regulated industries. Our solutions leverage the cloud to create an offering for organizations to manage the flow of critical information to the appropriate people in a secure format.

Proven Technology

SmartRoom is a cloud-based secure document management solution that provides the ability to extend secure document collaboration across multiple industries. Our solutions provide organizations to extend the boundaries of their enterprise cheaper and get work done faster, while securely accessing content via any device or platform and managing it in a centralized location.

Unlimited Benefits

With SmartRoom, your customers have a powerful alternative to the expenses and challenges associated with building and maintaining SmartRoom sites.

SmartRoom offers all of our partners simple, predictable pricing and the ability to get started immediately. Read below to find out more about our different types of partner programs.

Which SmartRoom Partner Program is right for you?

Referral Program

The SmartRoom Referral Program is one of our more common partnership programs, occurring when a Partner refers SmartRoom services to their clients at a percentage of revenues receive or for a fixed referral rate. With this program, the Partner will pass the opportunity to SmartRoom to complete the sale and the client will execute the agreement directly with SmartRoom. The program can include co-branding of the application to the target market, with the ‘powered by SmartRoom’ requirement.

Reseller Program

The SmartRoom Reseller Program has been our most successful partnership program, occurring when a Partner resells SmartRoom services to their clients at a percentage off of our retail rate card. With this program, SmartRoom will train the Partner sales team to sell SmartRoom and will execute the agreement directly with their client. The Partner can purchase a capacity of SmartRoom services at a discount to resell, or SmartRoom can invoice the Partner directly on a project basis. The program includes co-branding of the application to the target market, with the ‘powered by SmartRoom’ requirement.

Private License Program

The SmartRoom Private License offers a program by which Partners can ‘private label’ the SmartRoom application and then choose various service platforms for support. In this program, SmartRoom references would be removed from the technology and the Partner VDR Branding would be standard on each room. Partner training would be customized for this type of agreement based on the implementation of the support module options, which include; technology support, product support, call center support, project management support and sales support.

Strategic Partner Program

Our strategic partners can take on many forms, including a joint contract with a percentage split, a mutual marketing agreement for joint marketing opportunities, or simply an organizational relationship for sharing information and ideas. The key is that our business development team is flexible to the changing needs of organizations around the world and would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about how SmartRoom can assist your strategic goals.

For more information and program qualifications, please email us at