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By the Numbers

40+ million pageshosted for ABS Dealsin SmartRoom VDRs
10+ yearsABS experience
5,000 usersin ABS SmartRooms
$20+ billionof ABS deals managedin SmartRoom data rooms

SmartRoom has hosted some of the world’s largest ABS transactions in recent years. We have been selected over competitors by some of the largest financial institutions across the US and Europe due to our dedicated team, significant experience in the space, customized user experience, and customized pricing structures. As a result of the efficiencies and saved money we have been able to produce for our clients, SmartRoom has become known as the premier partner for the ABS market.

ABS team

Dedicated ABS Team

SmartRoom has a team dedicated specifically to the ABS market. Project Managers have experience working on multiple ABS deals with millions of pages of data for thousands of users.

Various options

Customized Experience

SmartRoom’s ABS team creates a customized experience using a consultative approach to understand the client’s needs. A customized experience ensures an appropriate solution is crafted for the client’s rather than putting them “into a box.”

More Money

Customized Pricing Structure

SmartRoom carries its customized approach into pricing, developing a structure that is beneficial to both sides while taking into account the intricacies and nuances specific to the client’s deal. We work with you to develop a structure that matches your process.

You and the team really do a great job being part of the deal team. Very responsive and help solve problems. Really makes a difference.”
— Vice President of major financial institution engaged in one of our NPL deals

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