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SmartRoom . . . the Premier Virtual Data Room for Greater China


Many M&A professionals find it difficult to securely and easily share materials during the due diligence process. SmartRoom for due diligence is a premium virtual data room that was built specifically for sell-side and buy-side acquisition professionals.  The smart technology will give you peace of mind when conducting complicated due diligence. By using SmartRoom, you can track and communicate deal activity within the data room to all buyers and investors involved in your process in order to maximize deal value. With round-the-clock support, SmartRoom teams are always available to help you navigate and manage your data room.

许多并购专业人士在尽职调查过程中发现很难安全又轻松地共享材料。 SmartRoom尽职调查是专门针对卖方和买方的收购专家的虚拟数据空间。这项智能技术能让您安心进行复杂的尽职调查。透过SmartRoom,您可以在数据库内追踪参与其中的买家及投资者的操作并在平台内进行交流,从而最大限度地提高交易价值。同时,SmartRoom团队提供二十四小时全天候的技术支援, 可随时协助您浏览和管理自己的数据库。


Premier Provider

SmartRoom has hosted some of the world’s largest transactions in recent years. We have been selected over competitors by some of the largest financial institutions across the US and Europe due to our dedicated team, significant experience in the space, customized user experience, and customized pricing structures.

SmartRoom’s team creates a customized experience by using a consultative approach to understand the client’s business needs. This customized experience ensures that the appropriate solution is crafted for the client’s process as opposed to just putting them “into a box”.





Key SmartRoom Features


  • SmartRoom is the only fully secure data room, giving you the ability to remotely expire documents from a user’s desktop to ensure all data is purged once your strategic event ends.
  • SmartRoom是唯一可以通过用户电脑远程处理过期文件的安全保密的数据室,以确保一旦交易结束,所有数据会被清除。
  • Files accessed from SmartRoom maintain data encryption down to the user’s desktop which means documents can still be viewed offline while still maintaining full security and reporting.
  • 文件可以从SmartRoom加密到用户的桌面,这意味着即时可以离线查看文件,仍保持充分的安全性和完整的报告。
  • SmartRoom boasts the absolute best service in the industry, acting as an extension of your team. We look at every process individually and provide a consultative and customized approach to ensure your strategic event runs as efficiently and securely as possible.
  • SmartRoom在同行业中拥有绝对优势的服务,我们可以充当您团队的一员。我们会关注项目的每个步骤,并采用协商和定制的方法,以确保您的战略活动尽可能的有效和安全。
  • SmartRoom’s service team is 24/7 and every person you speak with is a SmartRoom employee. We outsource nothing
  • SmartRoom的服务团队提供每天24小时每周7天的全天候服务,与您联系的全部是SmartRoom员工,而不是外包人员。
  • SmartRoom is the only vdr that grants you the power to view the data room from the perspective of the end-user, allowing you to ensure security and efficiency across the platform
  • SmartRoom是唯一能以终端用户身份登陆查看数据的虚拟数据库,以保证整个平台的安全性和效率的虚拟数据室。
  • SmartRoom treats every process with the individual attention it deserves and that means pricing too. We don’t try to jam you into pre-configured pricing but instead work to fully understand your process and then structure pricing that works for both parties
  • SmartRoom关注项目的细节来辅助定价,因此我们不会预先定价,而是会充分了解项目细节后制定适合双方的报价。
  • SmartRoom is available in 11 languages, including Chinese
  • SmartRoom有包括中文在内的11种语言版本。