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When Your Data Security is Important,
Choose SmartRoom with SmartLock Technology

Remotely Expire Documents

Remotely expire documents from users’ desktops to ensure all data is purged after your transaction ends

SmartLock’s proprietary encryption permits users to have offline access to content while decryption keys can be removed remotely

Lock Down All Microsoft Office File Types

View, print and save restrictions can be placed on Excel, Word and PowerPoint files by security profile

Full dynamic or static watermarking capabilities still exist as does the ability to restrict screen capturing

No Administrative Rights Required

SmartLock installation can be completed easily without administrative rights

No need to lean on your “local IT” for support to provide admin access to your computer or, more importantly, your end-user community

Password-Protected Offline Access to Documents

Users can access files offline, all while maintaining the security and reporting capabilities

Offline access can be provided by user or profile for a configurable amount of time, providing flexibility to the SmartRoom manager

The Industry’s Only Fully Secure Data Room

By way of SmartLock, our proprietary secure viewing technology, SmartRoom is the most secure data room in the industry. For the first time ever, companies can ensure that access to their sensitive data ends the moment their transaction does. SmartLock provides advanced security features across all .pdf and Microsoft Office file types while extending these security features to offline access.

For over ten years SmartRoom has been the go-to resource for protecting sensitive data in thousands of critical transactions. We provide a secure and personalized end-user experience that is unrivaled in the industry. SmartRoom puts security and collaboration at the forefront of your critical event when everything is on the line.